• VIXIA HF S10 Dual Memory

    VIXIA HF S10 Dual Memory

    Canon has a well-known and highly-regarded reputation for optical excellence, advanced image processing, superb performance and technological innovation, built on our legendary photographic and ...

    10 $ 7 $



    The Canon VIXIA HV40 is one of the latest additions to our large family of HD camcorders. For those seeking the ultimate in HD video quality, we bring a host of Canon Exclusive features you won find ...

    10 $ 7 $

  • ZR960


    Around the world, the name Canon means optical excellence, advanced image processing and superb performance. And Canon digital video camcorders are no exception. Canon entry-level digital ...

    10 $ 7 $

  • XH A1S

    XH A1S

    For the professionals who require a smaller, lighter weight HD camcorder but who won give up capability and performance, Canon offers the XH A1S. Our latest in a family of high quality HDV ...

    8 $ 5 $

  • XL2


    The Canon XL2 allows you to capture images closer to the finished product than ever before. Work that previously was limited to post-production can be simply and effectively accomplished in the ...

    8 $ 5 $

  • GL2 Refurbished

    GL2 Refurbished

    With the GL2, Canon has created a camcorder with a wealth of features, each selected to elevate further the standard against which other camcorders are judged. The GL2 is a must-have for the person ...

    8 $ 5 $